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Your Guide through California’s Probate Process

In an ideal situation, a family will not have to endure the probate system in California after a loved one passes. However, if the right estate planning wasn’t done during someone’s life to bypass this process, or if a unique set of circumstances has forced you into a probate matter, Patton Law Group can help.

Our probate lawyers in Roseville will work with you and your family to minimize the stress and streamline the process as much as possible.

There are several rules and regulations that we will discuss with you so you know exactly what to expect and when to expect them. You may not be able to avoid probate, but we'll do our best to help you avoid surprises.

Contact our Roseville probate lawyers today or call (916) 619-0783 if you anticipate enduring the probate process. We’ll offer a free consultation so you can be sure our services are right for you.

Should You Hire a Probate Attorney?

At Patton Law group, we understand that probate can seem like an overwhelming process, especially if a loved one died before creating a will. After all, we often tell people that part of the reason they should set up a trust is to avoid the probate system and all of the pitfalls that accompany it. If you find yourself facing probate, however, that doesn’t mean the process has to be overwhelming or more complicated than necessary.

What Does a Probate Lawyer Do?

A probate attorney starts by explaining the process step by step, so you know what to expect. While there are certain requirements and deadlines, a skilled attorney can provide options and advice ahead of time that help you make the best decisions for your family and yourself. Essentially, a probate attorney's duty is to do their best to streamline the process and make it as transparent and efficient as possible.

Patton Law Group is the team on your side. When you work with us, you’ll have help with the process, advice when you need it, answers to your questions, and the comfort of knowing that you’re not alone in this matter.

How to Avoid Probate Altogether

Sometimes the best way to deal with the probate process in California is to avoid it altogether by making certain arrangements while you or your loved one is still alive.

Our probate proceedings lawyers in Roseville can help you skip probate by establishing the certain arrangements such as trusts, joint ownership, on death arrangements and more.

What is a Trust?

A trust, which helps families dodge probate for nearly any asset (real estate, bank accounts, vehicles, etc.). Trusts work by naming a trustee to whom you transfer ownership of your assets, and who will divide them according to your wishes after your passing.

What is Joint Ownership?

Joint ownership, which involves owning property with someone else, and typically includes community property in a marriage. This property’s ownership is ruled by the right of survivorship, meaning that in most cases, this property’s ownership transfers directly to the survivor instead of undergoing probate.

What are On-death Arrangements?

On-death arrangements, which can automatically transfer ownership of assets and property to named beneficiaries without undergoing probate, for example payable-on-death designations for bank accounts.

For help dealing with probate or making arrangements to avoid it, call Patton Law Group at (916) 619-0783 for help today. 


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