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Make Your Medical Treatment Wishes Known Today

There are many reasons at any stage of life where we may suddenly become incapacitated and unable to direct the course of our own healthcare. These situations may arise from falling into a coma, experiencing a traumatic brain injury, having a stroke that impairs communication, or mental conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease that impair a person’s ability to make informed decisions.

Being prepared for these unfortunate situations with an advance directive can grant your loved ones peace and clarity during a difficult time. Patton Law Group’s advance directive attorneys in Roseville can help by establishing your medical wishes in a living will or designating a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care to carry out your wishes and make decisions for scenarios you couldn’t predict.

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Help Your Family Members Make Medical Decisions When You Can’t

With no advance directive for your healthcare in place, your loved ones may be left guessing about how you would want your medical care to be carried out or making decisions based upon their beliefs or opinions that may differ from yours. Establishing your advance directive through Patton Law Group can help relieve the stress of not knowing what to do when they’re already experiencing fear, stress, and grief.

Medical care choices such as the following can be predetermined by an advance directive:

  • Will resuscitation be used if your heart stops beating?
  • Will a ventilator be used to help you breathe?
  • Will medical devices be used to help you eat if you lose the ability to swallow?
  • If you have a terminal condition, will antibiotics or other drugs be used to prolong your life?
  • Will you be an organ donor upon your death?
  • When should pain management and quality-of-life care supersede life-saving care?

If you have specific wishes for how you wish to be treated when you’re unable to direct your medical care, our advance directive attorneys in Roseville can help. Call us for assistance and a free consultation at (916) 619-0783.

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